Bronwen is a totally brilliant coach. Just the right amount of pushy and kind which is a tricky skill to master.

Gwen, Sydney

I have been training with Bronwen since April 2014. She makes every training session different and enjoyable. She has really helped me make the most of every session after years of being unproductive in the gym. I have lost weight and improved my general fitness and strength and would definately recommend her.

Laura, Ditchling

I had a photo shoot looming and Bronwen constructed a tailored eating and exercise schedule for me to reach my body goals. She encouraged, and inspired me making it easier for me to stay on track. I couldnt have been in better shape for the shoot.

Jeanette, Lewes

Pushed to near death on more than one occasion and then encouraged to try a little harder. I would not have it any other way. Really good fun, never had the same session twice. Highly recommend it.

Nick, Cooksbridge

Bronwen is a fantastic personal trainer who is inspiring and encouraging, with a wealth of experience and innovative techniques. She has helped me enormously and I would recommend her highly to anyone.

Jane, Lewes

I have been training with Bronwen since April 2014. She makes every training session different and enjoyable. She has really helped me make the most of every session after years of being unproductive in the gym. I have lost weight and improved my general fitness and strength and would definitely recommend her.

Laura, Ditchling

I have been training with Bronwen since Jan 2015 and its been excellent. I’m never bored as the workouts are always varied and fun. What makes it even better for me is that it takes place at home leaving less disruption to the day. We always have a giggle whilst working out hard and I would thoroughly recommend Bronwen. 10/10

Becca, Halland

Bronwen is brilliant! Calm and professional (even when I nearly punched her with the boxing gloves on!!) I am sure I could have the body of a Victoria Secret model (even at my age!) if I saw Bronwen every day! Her nutritional advise stays in your head when you are going shopping too and when you want a treat!! 🙁

Kate, Lewes

Bronwen has worked on my creaky physique for several years and without her constant encouragement I would be a couch potato by now! She pushes me to move and I really enjoy the variety of well designed exercises she sets.

Claire, Lewes

I have had regular personal training with bfit2 on a one to one basis for 5 years. Bronwen has helped me substantially improve my flexibility and overall fitness adding muscle and losing fat. She has a really positive attitude and is an excellent motivator. Over the years she has modified my stretching and fitness routine so that it is never boring. What more could a client want??

Robert, N.Ireland

I see Bronwen once a week and have been for six months – she’s my luxury and I could never give her up! I have two small children and also work, so I have always found excuses not to exercise. And thanks to having those children, my body was a wreck when I first started working out with Bronwen. My fitness was extremely low and I was sluggish and constantly tired. Slowly but surely, at a pace that has built my fitness gradually, Bronwen has kicked me into shape. I am energetic, deal with my stress better and it’s honestly the only time in my life that I can actually use the word ‘shape’. She’s a godsend – book her!

Kate, Lewes

After the birth of my second child and approaching my 40th year I realised I needed some help to kick start my fitness. Bronwen has a great approach – every week is different so she never lets you get bored. With a regular weekly session it means there can be no hiding and that motivation was just what I needed. She continues to make it fun and varied. What’s more, I fit in to my old jeans plus she has inspired me to start running on the Downs, which I love.

Amy, Lewes

Bronwen is incredibly reassuring and knows how to apply the right sort of push. I have enjoyed every minute of working with her and seeing things change for me.

Sarah, Lewes

Bronwen has managed in a period of just a few months to improve my level of fitness and general health quite significantly. I feel much more toned and energetic. I am returning to my ideal weight and generally feel re-energised. She is very good at judging how far she can push me and keeps it interesting by introducing different exercises.

Eileen, Lewes

During my second pregnancy I decided I didn’t want to take so long to get my body back after childbirth. Bronwen built a programme that I was able to do 2–3 times a week in my third trimester. She really understood what was possible and worked with me to build the programme. It was realistic and flexible and I felt better after every session. Now, 4 weeks after birth, everyone is commenting on how much faster I’m getting my figure back 2nd time round! And I definitely feel like my post-birth recovery has been faster — we’re already working on my next training programme.

Michelle, Brighton

18 months ago at the age of 57 I decided that I needed to get fitter after 20 years of no activity at all. Bronwen came for an hour once a week, with a work out gradually getting harder and more varied. She would also leave me exercises to do 2 to 3 times a week which I found surprisingly easy to fit into my days. I look forward to my weekly sessions knowing that after all my hard work I feel exhilirated. I can now run two and a half miles 3 times a week and my only regret is that I hadn’t met Bronwen years ago.

Sally, Seaford

Bronwen has kept me going and motivated despite all my attempts to find some reason to go back to the sofa! She has devised a number of fun and interesting programmes tailored to my (lack of) ability and hopeless will power, and I have been gently pushed along, to my great surprise. She is attuned to me as a client and I always fee encouraged to try a little bit harder and keep the momentum going.

Claire, Lewes

This wonderful lady got me to complete a 5k yesterday for Race for Life and is now helping me through my depression – recommend Bronwen to everybody.

Mel, Cooksbridge

I had never done any exercise at all and having seen a photograph of my unfit self I decided it was ‘now or never’. I saw a leaflet for a personal trainer from bfit2 and decided to call. I have not looked back! I have gone from being unable to run at all to completing my first 5k Race for Life in just over 32 minutes! I am over the moon and as I continue to train with Bronwen, I am looking forward to my next challenge of a 10k in the New Year. I could not have done this without bfit2.

Debra, Wivelsfield Green

Employing Bronwen’s personal training services has been one of the best decisions I have made. The sessions are set at the perfect challenge level and her constantly updated routines keep exercising interesting and fun. In addition to the training sessions Bronwen helped me to achieve my target weight through providing nutritional advice and on-call support. However, I feel the principal benefit gained from her workouts has been the development of a strong, healthy and well-proportioned body.

Lisa, Ringmer

After the birth of my first child I really wanted to get my figure back quickly. I also find exercise the best way to manage stress, but with a newborn finding the motivation and energy is really difficult. Meeting up with Bronwen twice a week since my daughter’s birth has helped me be fit enough to run 4 miles within a few short months! I’ve done a lot of exercising over the years, but I’ve learned a lot of new things with her, which makes the sessions truly enjoyable. Bronwen has just the right mix of being motivating and understanding and I’ve loved every minute.

Annemieke, Friston

I really enjoyed doing a 10 week course of personal training with Bronwen. I had good results and I have made some permanent changes for the better as a result.

Alice, Lewes

Not only have I managed to lose a stone in weight and drop a dress size, I am now physically much fitter since I signed up with Bronwen as my personal trainer. I have never joined a gym or done much exercise, in fact I would be quite uncomfortable exercising in public at a gym. I really enjoy my once a week session with Bronwen. She is so encouraging without making me feel under pressure and she tailors the exercise programmes to my needs. Bronwen is also very knowledgeable about nutrition. Her role is more taking care of my overall fitness including helpful advice on aches and pains. I really like Bronwen and I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Elizabeth, Lewes

I struggle to find the motivation to exercise on my own, so working with Bronwen has really helped me with that. She makes me work hard, but I am always pleased at the end, and her encouragement has helped me to do what I need to throughout the week. I have also got a much better handle on my eating, which is great. I would heartily recommend Bronwen as a PT.

Jill, Lewes