Testimonials – Bootcamp

It is very simple. Without bootcamp I would not exercise regularly. Now I feel something is wrong when I don’t get to go and I am always much more productive and happy on bootcamp days. The name “bootcamp” sounds scary but in actual fact Bronwen fosters a friendly and fun atmosphere where many great friendships have been made. If you are new to the bootcamp experience I can’t recommend bfit2 highly enough.

Sarah, Lewes

Bronwen’s bootcamp is a great way to start the day! Leaving you feeling energised and motivated for the day ahead. Each week the classes are different, with a range of varied exercises to work on both body strengthening and cardio fitness. Bronwen is a great instructor who is calm and encouraging whatever your level of fitness! I would highly recommend the class and love the fact Bronwen’s bootcamp is on come rain or shine!

Cat, Lewes

Always varied exercises along with gentle persuasion and in good company after four years with Bronwen’s class I still look forward to being outside, whatever the weather, first thing on a Monday morning. No better way to start the week.

Kathie, Lewes

Each session is different, well planned, challenging and yet fun. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and it isn’t at all intimidating.

I am so pleased that I joined.

Lorraine, Lewes

bfit2 training sessions take place outside in stunning surroundings and every session is different so it really keeps you on your toes.  My fitness levels have definitely improved since joining. Bronwen has the ability to keep you motivated and engaged – you come away from her morning sessions feeling uplifted and ready for the day ahead. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Emma, Lewes

Bootcamp is the perfect antidote to a hard week at work. Bronwen creates a great, supportive atmosphere with plenty of laughs and at the end of 45 minutes I always feel energised and invigorated. It’s brilliant being out in the open air and the exercises are always challenging and varied. Highly recommended!

Liz, Lewes

I’ve been attending Bronwen’s bootcamp twice a week for a while now, and I’m hooked! Come rain or shine, it really gets me going in the morning. Bronwen makes the sessions different every time, so you never get bored of repetition. She’s very good at tailoring it to suit all abilities, and is knowledgeable about injuries so everyone can join in. Best of all, it’s not at all intimidating, more like a fun workout with friends.

Cath, Lewes

Bronwen has achieved the perfect balance of hard work and good humour in her bootcamp sessions. Workouts are interesting and varied, and the groups are welcoming and friendly. I am a big fan and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend bfit2.

Claire, Lewes

Bronwen’s bootcamp is a great way to start the day! Leaving you feeling energised and motivated for the day ahead. Each week the classes are different, with a range of varied exercises to work on both body strengthening and cardio fitness. Bronwen is a great instructor who is calm and encouraging whatever your level of fitness! I would highly recommend the class and love the fact Bronwen’s bootcamp is on come rain or shine!

Cath, Lewes

Bootcamp is a brilliant way to start the day come rain or shine, conveniently timed after school drop-off. A fun way to exercise in a friendly environment. No session is ever the same. Bronwen is great at encouraging me to push myself.

Mirja, Cooksbridge

Bronwen’s bfit2 bootcamps are the perfect way to get and keep fit in an unintimidating yet dynamic environment . I’ve been going to the sessions at least once or twice a week since they started and can’t imagine my week without them now. The classes vary brilliantly from week to week to include a good mix of cardio and core workouts and Bronwen will happily adapt the exercises according to fitness level or injuries. The sessions are really good fun and I have made some great friends through bfit2. If like me you want to get fit but lack the discipline to exercise on your own then these bootcamp sessions are exactly what you are looking for.

Sarah, Lewes

Not by nature a sporty person, I was surprised how much I enjoy Bronwen’s approach to bootcamp. It’s a fast, funny all-purpose work out with a wide variety of exercise. I’m often out of breath, but I’m never bored. It’s the only fitness regime I’ve actually stuck to – which is high praise indeed from a life-long exercise-dodger. Highly recommend bfit2.

Fiona, Lewes

I love Bootcamp! It’s a pocket in my day just for me. Bronwen is an excellent trainer who gently pushes us to improve our fitness levels, without the pressure and intimidation you can get elsewhere. And if you have injuries, aches and pains there will always be alternative exercises for you to do without making you feel isolated. I have also been lucky enough to have some PT sessions which are great, tailored to your specific needs and goals. Thank you for teaching me to enjoy exercise!

Mel, Lewes

I feel fitter and stronger than I have in years thanks to Bronwen and her bootcamp and personal training sessions. Bootcamp sessions are varied, challenging and fun and all the exercises can be adapted to suit different ability levels. In my personal training sessions Bronwen devised a programme of exercises to improve my stamina, an area I particularly wanted to focus on. She has also given me invaluable dietary and nutritional advice. Bronwen offers an all round approach to health and fitness and I cannot recommend her sessions highly enough. Give it a go, you won’t look back!

Lucy, Lewes

Bootcamp is great fun and a quick but effective way of keeping fit and strong.

Alice, Lewes

The best two things about the bfit2 Bootcamps are 1) Bronwen always makes the classes very varied and great fun so you never get bored and you are always working different muscle groups 2) I have met a really great group of women and we have fun working out together so even exercising in the snow has been enjoyable with the combination of a great workout, good friends and Bronwen to cheer you on!

Amy, Newick

Thank you for my first year at bootcamp Bronwen. I don’t know how I could do without your sessions now. I feel more energetic afterwards and hurt in all the right places and just the right amount for me to know that they are working. Well that and the fact that I have dropped a couple of dress sizes throughout the year! It is all good and I will definitely be back in September.

Sarah, Lewes

Bronwen’s, classes are always great. We tend to do different routines each week, which always keeps it interesting. I would really recommend her on a personal training level too she is enthusiastic and always happy to help you with any aspect of fitness or nutrition.

Charlotte, Selmeston

Bootcamp in my mind conjures up images of a 6am start with some military trainer shouting at you and it took me a while to have the courage to give it a go! With bfit2, you work as hard as you like with a friendly group of people and a little encouragement from Bronwen. The exercises can be done by anyone and if you have an injury or problem there’s always an alternative. Being in a group has motivated me to go every week, its fun and good to see everyone and it makes me push myself a little further without pressure. I started off with personal training to strengthen my back and I’ve now been exercising regularly without problems for just over a year – have never managed that before! Bronwen has great nutritional knowledge and although I found it hard to take on at first I ended up losing 10cm on my waist (moving from a size 12 to 10 in 5 PT sessions!). Its made a massive difference to me and I’ve met some great people through bootcamp. Give it a go!

Liz, Lewes

I’ve been coming to Bronwen’s boot camps for a year and a half now, and can really notice how the combination of strength and CV exercise is complementing the other sport I do. Sessions are friendly and varied and I love the fact that I can catch up if I miss a session one week by coming another time. Her approach is laid back which means I don’t feel self-conscious about my weak spots and can therefore work on these areas in a way that perhaps I wouldn’t in a gymn. She has added much needed discipline to my fitness training but in a thoroughly enjoyable way. I always feel like I have had a good workout afterwards, which is a great way to start the day.

Jo, Lewes

I really look forward to Bootcamp each week because it is fun. Bronwen puts us through a challenging workout and still manages to keep the atmosphere light-hearted and fun. The group who participate are sociable which makes Bootcamp really enjoyable. I also like the fact that Bootcamp is ‘outdoors’. Training outdoors means that it is never stuffy. It is refreshing to train outside and the weather has been surprisingly good at most of the sessions this year. I would recommend Bootcamp wholeheartedly.

Carole, Lewes

A brilliant class, my fitness levels vastly improved since I started in January 2015 (I do two classes a week). Bronwen is a great teacher, we do a lot of different strength training exercises: we never know what we are going to be doing which adds to the fun!. Classes are always outside which slightly concerned me before I started, but actually I now think it is the best way to exercise, outside in the fresh air whatever the weather.

There is also a very friendly atmosphere, newcomers are made to feel very welcome and not expected to just know what’s going on immediately. Everything is explained thoroughly. Cannot recommend this class enough!!

Amanda, Lewes

I have been attending Bronwen’s bootcamp twice a week for a while now and have noticed a vast improvement in my overall fitness. I love the fact it is an outdoor class whatever the weather and Bronwen manages to make it fun and challenging at the same time. I highly recommend it!

Cat, Lewes

Try as I might during the holidays to be disciplined and do the exercise homework Bronwen set I cannot quite do it with enough regularity on my own. So I am looking forward to being outdoors on a Monday morning once again and energising my week with 45 minutes of varied exercise calmly motivated by Bronwen and the camaraderie of fellow boot campers. I know I will feel so much better for it and despite various age related ailments, under Bronwen’s watchful eye, am feeling fitter as I near fifty!

Kathie, Lewes