Where do the sessions take place?
The sessions take place at The Southdown Club (Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9.15am) during term time. Meet on the netball courts at the club.
Is parking available?
There is a pay and display car park opposite The Southdown Club.
How long does a session last?
All sessions last for 45 minutes, please turn up a few minutes early so that we can start promptly.
Are men allowed to come to Bootcamp?
Yes, men are allowed to this Bootcamp.
I’m not very fit and a bit nervous, will I be ok?
Yes!! With bfit2 Bootcamps, everyone will be different. Age, ability, fitness level, weight, everything… You will work at your own pace through each exercise, while bfit2 motivate, guide and push where needed. By working in a group you will ‘feed’ off the others and with that the enjoyment, progress, and success will come! EVERYONE is nervous the first time they try something new, by the end of the first session you will already be looking forward to the next! Everything is done in timed sessions, so you can work at your own pace, with easy and hard options offered!
I want to lose fat, will this work for me?
Yes! Like anything in life, the more you put in the more you will get out. Not only does this apply to the exercise sessions, but to your daily nutrition alongside of the workouts.
The sessions are only 45 minutes long, is that enough?
Ask me after the session! The days of 90-minute workouts are gone! The key to results-based exercise is INTENSITY! Too many people exercise at a low intensity with too much of a rest period between exercises. The bfit2 Bootcamp is based on short, sharp bursts of exercise to accelerate your metabolism, so that you burn calories during the camp and throughout the next 36 hours! Ensure you arrive a few minutes before the start time as we’ll be straight in with the crucial warm up.
How do I find out more information?
If you would like any further information please contact me directly at bronwen@bfit2.co.uk or on 07919 037045.
I have an injury, or take medication, will I be OK?
Feel free to email me via the website to ask any specific questions. Upon signing up, I will send everyone an Exercise Readiness Questionnaire for completion before you start, so we can then discuss any issues which could affect your performance.
Are there changing facilities available?
There are changing facilities at The Southdown Club.
Will the bfit2 Bootcamp be “military” style?
NO! I believe in making exercise fun, whilst getting results. It will be a sociable camp, sharing jokes and laughs throughout the session.
What happens if I miss, or don’t turn up for, a session I have paid for?
You will be paying for a term of bfit2 Bootcamp, so there are no “carry overs”. If you’re paying for 1 session per week, you can vary the day you attend.
What should I wear?
Anything that you are comfortable in! Good, supportive training shoes are a must. Tracksuit, shorts, t-shirt, sweatshirt, anything you can layer easily as you will get hot during the session! BRING WATER!
What if it rains?
We’ll get wet! There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing… bfit2 Bootcamp takes place regardless of the weather!
How do I secure my place?
Places may well be limited, so call Bronwen on 07919 037045, or email me on bronwen@bfit2.co.uk to ensure you get a place. Payment can be by bank transfer or cheque. All Bootcamps must be paid for in advance of the Bootcamp starting.