Outdoor fitness classes in Lewes

Set yourself up for the day with an invigorating exercise class. Fun, friendship and fitness is guaranteed

Do you find the gym lonely and a bore?

Do you want to exercise in good company with people who can support you when you’re feeling tired and not up for it?

Does exercising outside and breathing fresh air appeal to you?

Then outdoor fitness classes, also known as boot camps are for you.

Whether you want to lose weight, build lean muscle, train for a race or just want to improve your health and wellbeing, outdoor fitness class exercises can be adapted around your needs, and you’ll be guaranteed results.

“Each session is different, well planned, challenging and yet fun. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. It isn’t at all intimidating. I’m so pleased I joined.”

Lorraine | Lewes

Why outdoor fitness classes

You’ll get all the benefits of a first-class personal trainer and motivation and teamwork that will get you results!

“The best two things about bfit2’s boot camps are: 1) Bronwen always makes the classes varied and great fun so you never get bored and you’re always working different muscle groups. 2) I have met a really great group of women and we have fun working out together so even exercising in the snow has been enjoyable with the combination of a great workout, good friends and Bronwen to cheer you on!

Amy | Newick

Who outdoor fitness classes are for

Join in whatever your ability or experience. Men and women are welcome.

“Not by nature a sporty person, I was surprised how much I enjoy Bronwen’s approach to boot camp. It’s a fast, funny, all-purpose workout with a wide variety of exercise. I’m often out of breath, but I’m never bored. It’s the only fitness regime I’ve actually stuck to – which is high praise indeed from a life-long exercise-dodger. I highly recommend bfit2.

Fiona | Lewes

How long outdoor fitness classes last

In each session, you’ll be guaranteed 45 minutes of fun and high-intensity training.

Bronwen’s boot camp is a great way to start the day! Leaving you feeling energised and motivated for the day ahead. Each week classes are different, with a range of varied exercises to work on both body strengthening and cardio fitness. Bronwen is a great instructor. She’s calm and encouraging whatever your level of fitness! I highly recommend the class and love the fact Bronwen’s boot camp is on come rain or shine!

Cat | Lewes

Where outdoor fitness classes take place

You can join in the fun on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9.15am at the Southdown Club, Lewes.

“Boot camp takes place outside in stunning surroundings and every session is different so it really keeps you on your toes.  My fitness levels have definitely improved since joining. Bronwen keeps you motivated and engaged. You come away from her morning sessions feeling uplifted and ready for the day ahead. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Emma | Lewes

When outdoor fitness classes take place

You can join in 6 boot camps throughout the year.

Each boot camp is conveniently timed to run during school term time.

“A brilliant class, my fitness levels vastly improved since I started in January 2015. Bronwen is a great teacher. We do a lot of different strength training exercises. We never know what we’re going to be doing which adds to the fun! Classes are always outside which slightly concerned me before I started, but actually now I think it is the best way to exercise, outside in the fresh air whatever the weather. I cannot recommend this class enough!”

Amanda | Lewes

2022 Boot camp dates

5th January – 11th February

21st February – 1st April

20th April –  27th May

6th June – 20th July

5th September – 21st October

31st October – 16th December


“Thank you for my first year at boot camp, Bronwen. I don’t know how I could do without your sessions now. I feel more energetic afterwards and hurt in all the right places and just the right amount for me to know that they are working. Well that and the fact that I have dropped a couple of dress sizes throughout the year! It is all good and I will definitely be back in September.

Sarah | Lewes


Based on an average 7-week term (some terms are shorter)

7 sessions £63 (£9 / session)

14 sessions £112 (£8 / session)

21 sessions £147 (£7 / session)

All packages must be paid for in advance of the start of boot camp.

Pay As You Go (PAYG) sessions will be payable at the start of the class and will cost £10. Please book your place at least 24 hours before your class is due to start.

Not sure whether boot camp is right for you? Call me on 07919 037045 to book your place on a free taster session.

Start improving your fitness today

Feel energised, more productive and ready for the day ahead