Do you struggle to find the motivation to get fit alone?

My fitness classes & personal training sessions in Lewes can help

Personal training

Personal Training in Lewes

Keep fitness training on track by taking part in encouraging fitness sessions from the comfort of your own home. Daily motivational messages and nutritional advice in between sessions will ensure you reach your goals.


Outdoor Fitness Classes in Lewes

Think boot camps are intimidating? Think again. Exercise in great company. What’s more, start the day uplifted and energised. You’ll be challenged. You’ll have fun. Better still, you’ll make great friends.

Online Personal Training/Remote coaching

Lack the time to attend regular fitness classes? A pocketful of resources, resolve and a friendly face to help you achieve your fitness goals

Hi, I’m Bronwen Wright, a fully qualified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I can give you the confidence you need to get started on a fitness programme.

I’ll ensure you get the right amount of hard work (mobility, cardio and strength) and enjoyment to help you reach your goals.

You can choose between personal training sessions in the comfort of your own home or fun, friendly and supportive outdoor fitness classes in Lewes.

Of course, you don’t have to be sporty to join in. Exercises can be adapted to suit your fitness level and ability.

Unlike at the gym, every session you attend is well planned and different. The aim is to keep you motivated, interested and to make sure you have fun.

“Bronwen is a totally brilliant coach. Just the right amount of pushy and kind, which is a tricky skill to master.”

Gwen | Sydney

You’ll want to join my personal training sessions and fitness classes if:


  • You worry about your fitness now you’re approaching/are middle-aged
  • You want to return to fitness after pregnancy
  • You want to return to fitness after injury
  • You want to lose weight to fit into a pair of jeans or to feel good attending an event
More importantly, you want to see a demonstrable improvement in your fitness and feel happy and energised.

“I had a photo shoot looming, so Bronwen constructed a tailored eating and exercise schedule to help me reach my body goals. She encouraged and inspired me and made it easy for me to stay on track. I couldn’t have been in better shape for the shoot.

Jeanette | Lewes

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Start improving your fitness today

Feel energised, more productive and ready for the day ahead

“I’ve been training with Bronwen since April 2014. She makes every training session different and enjoyable. Bronwen has really helped me make the most of every session after years of being unproductive in the gym. I’ve lost weight and improved my general fitness and strength. I would definitely recommend Bronwen.”

Laura | Ditchling

I’ve been training with Bronwen since January 2015 and it’s been excellent. I’m never bored as workouts are always varied and fun. What makes it even better for me is that it takes place at home leaving less disruption to the day. We always have a giggle while working out hard and I would thoroughly recommend Bronwen. 10/10.”

Becca | Halland

“It’s very simple. Without boot camp I wouldn’t exercise regularly. Now I feel something is wrong when I don’t go. I’m always much more productive and happy on boot camp days. The name “boot camp” sounds scary but in actual fact Bronwen fosters a friendly and fun atmosphere where great friendships are made. If you’re new to the boot camp experience, I can’t recommend bfit2 highly enough.”

Sarah | Lewes

“Bronwen’s boot camp is a great way to start the day! You leave feeling energised and motivated for the day ahead. Each week classes are different. A range of varied exercises works on both body strengthening and cardio fitness. Bronwen is a great instructor who is calm and encouraging whatever your level of fitness! I highly recommend the class and love the fact Bronwen’s boot camp is on come rain or shine!”

Cat | Lewes

“Always varied exercises along with gentle persuasion and in good company. After four years of Bronwen’s classes, I still look forward to being outside, whatever the weather, first thing on a Monday morning. No better way to start the week.”

Kathie | Lewes

“Yes, yes, yes! Love it and a real help for disabled persons too. Brilliant one hour sessions either weekly or to suit. I’m now in 3rd to 4th year so really looking forward to more of the same. Good and local and to suit all needs and abilities or disabilities, recommended anytime.”

William | Lewes

“Boot camp with Bronwen is such a great way to exercise, I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s hard work, but it’s sociable and fun too. There’s a supportive atmosphere, and even if you can’t do some of the moves, Bronwen coaches you through. Excellent!”

Zoe | Lewes